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Womick Podiatry Clinic located in Newport News, Virginia. Debra Womick Lee, Board Certified Podiatrist

We care for your feet for life,
so that they put more life
in your step

Foot health is key to the health of the entire body. Without healthy feet, mobility is threatened. Exercise is restricted. And gradually, your life can become more difficult and painful.

At Womick Podiatry Clinic, we care for your feet using the most advanced technology and contemporary podiatric techniques available to restore them to full health.

Lead by Dr. Debra Womick Lee, D.P. M., our team will work to meet your healthcare needs. We – literally – want to help you get back onto your feet!

Our Podiatry Services Include:

  • Wound care and sports medicine such as plantar fasciitis, fractures, ankle sprains and heel spurs
  • Nail and skin disorders such as corns, calluses, nail pathology (fungal nails), ingrown nails and warts
  • Soft tissue disorders such as neuroma and cysts
  • Bone disorders such as bunions, hammertoes and spurs
  • Mechanical disorders such as flatfoot, orthotic therapy
  • Diabetic foot care and vascular conditions such as ulcers